Green Air Monitoring Limited

Green Air Monitoring Limited
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Green Air Monitoring Limited
11 Kent House, Old Bexley Business Park, Bourne Road
Old Bexley
Bexley, Greater London
United Kingdom
Tel: 01322555566
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Tel: 01322555566

About Green Air Monitoring Limited

Green Air Monitoring Ltd

Green Air Monitoring Ltd is an independent organisation which has been established to provide factual information about the air quality of your workplace environment. This information will help you demonstrate that a satisfactory working environment exists within your building.

As we are independent, dedicated providers of indoor air quality audits, you can be assured that our report content will be objective.
Audits are carried out for differing reasons, however the main benefits are: 

• Legal compliance 
• The well-being and morale of staff 
• Added value to client services

What's Indoor Air Quality all about?

People often take it for granted that modern office premises are healthy and safe working environments. In fact there can be many micro-organisms and background gases lurking in the atmosphere - reducing the quality of the environment. Indoor air quality will also be affected by changes in building operation, occupant activity, and outdoor climate. 


Green Air Monitoring Ltd provides audits of indoor air quality based on sample measurements taken over a full day. The information is presented in graphical form so that trends over the logged period can be easily interpreted. The benefits of our services to any organisation include:

One: A completed audit report will provide you with the documented evidence of the provision of 'fresh or purified air' to the local Environmental Health Officer.

Two: A 'high profile' audit and subsequent certificate will promote the Health & Safety profile of your organisation to your staff in looking after their interests and imparting a feeling of 'wellbeing'.

Three: Build-up a picture of the air quality within the workplace environment so that the causes of dramatic falls in quality can be investigated and, where necessary, addressed. 
Indoor air Quality Audits are carried out by appropriately qualified inspectors, with an extensive background in building and environmental services. All incubation and analysis of microbiological samples is undertaken by appropriately accredited UKAS and NAMAS specialist laboratories. 


Some of the Services we Offer Include:

Air Conditioning Bexley • Occupational Hygiene Bexley • Ventilation Hygiene Bexley • Sick Building Syndrome Bexley • Air Monitoring Bexley

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