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Structured Freight
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Structured Freight
Unit 6, The Grove Industrial Estate
Sevenoaks, Kent
United Kingdom
Tel: 08006890523
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Tel: 08006890523

About Structured Freight

Structured Freight, UK

Your One Stop Shop

Most freight forwarders specialize in one type of transport, but your international business requires many types. Why should you have to manage multiple accounts for all of your shipments? Structured Freight has expertise in multimodal transport, meaning that we can manage your road, sea, and air freight in one location. On top of that, our tracking system provides unmatched support for keeping you updated on the progress of your shipment.


Cost Effective, Regardless of Size

Nobody likes paying for shipping. It is expensive for you and expensive for your customers. That is why we built such a powerful website. Not only does it give you unmatched service, it keeps our rates low. They are low if you ship a pallet a day, or three boxes a year. Good for you, and for your customers.


Customs Brokerage - Leave the paperwork for someone else

Getting your shipment through customs can be a chore. In many cases, one can obtain all the right documents and file them in all the right places, but the shipment may still be delayed or detained. Many freight forwarders do not even notify you of these issues, which could result in your delivery being shipped back to you while your customer is waiting. 

At Structured Freight, our customs brokers have been through these problems themselves and know how to deal with them. We keep a close eye on every shipment as it reaches customs and will alert you immediately if there is a delay. Even better, we can often resolve the problem for you. When you schedule a shipment with us, you will be prompted to provide the relevant customs documentation. With that information, we can handle many of the exceptions that customs may raise. 

If you are unsure what documentation you need to get your product through customs, we can help you with that! In most cases, all you need is the invoice, but our scheduler will identify if additional documentation is needed. See our Customs Brokerage page to consult with one of our experienced brokers. 


One Place for Your Freight

Tired of cutting and pasting tracking numbers into different sites for all of your shipments? We are too. That is why we created an all-in-one tracking system. Post, courier, freight, if they give you a tracking number, you can see it here. Every shipment you schedule with Structured Freight will be automatically displayed and ranked by progress. Even better, you can use our tracker for shipments you scheduled elsewhere. Clear that bookmark bar and put all your shipments in one place.


Some of the Services we Offer Include:

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