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Gold & Wassall Ltd
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Gold & Wassall Ltd
Castle Works, Lichfield Road Industrial Estate
Tamworth Centre
Tamworth, Staffordshire
B79 7TH
United Kingdom
Tel: 0182763391
Fax: 01827310819

Tel: 0182763391

About Gold & Wassall Ltd

Gold & Wassall Ltd, Tamworth

At the Forefront of Hinge Technology

Whatever your requirement may be and whatever the application, at Gold and Wassall we have the answer. As well as offering a comprehensive range of standard hinges, we also provide a bespoke hinge design and manufacturing service for any application. Our highly experienced team is on hand to assess your particular requirement and give you the right solution in the optimum material with the most suitable finish.

• Continuous Hinges

• Lift Off Hinges

• Butt Hinges

• Backflap Hinges

• Special Purpose Hinges

• Heavy Duty Hinges


Adding Value to our Hinge Services

As an addition to our expertise in hinge manufacture, our Hinges+ service gives you the ability to not only source bespoke hinges, but also reduce your supplier chain by using our in-house capability to integrate hinges into partial sub-assembled items. This unique capability delivers a number of added value features:

• Reduced supplier chain

• Consolidated suppliers

• Reduced logistics and administration costs

• One-step quality control for each assembly

If you would like to discuss your specific requirements in more detail with one of our team, simply call our sales department on 01827 63391 – we’re always here to help and advise you.


Bespoke Hinges

With over two centuries of experience in the hinges industry, Gold and Wassall provides a fully-comprehensive design and manufacturing service for any kind of hinge for any kind of application. However large, small, simple or complex your requirement, we can design and manufacture in most materials, offering a wide range of finishes to give you the optimum solution.



With press capacity of up to 160 tons, we provide a design and manufacturing service for specialist pressings in all materials. Single operation and multistage tooling (hand or air fed) are designed and manufactured in our own toolroom. Presswork from free-issue tooling is also undertaken. Pressbrake capacity of up to 50 tons and up to 2,500mm is available for all materials up to 4mm.


Some of the Services we Offer Include:

Continuous Hinges UK • Lift Off Hinges UK • Butt Hinges UK • Backflap Hinges UK • Special Purpose Hinges UK • Heavy Duty Hinges UK

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