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Tel: 01909517321

About Frigologistics

Frigologistics, UK

As your logistics provider for temperature-controlled transportation, secure transportation and hazardous materials transportation, we are on the road for you every day throughout Europe. We also provide you with a full range of services in the areas of warehousing and contract logistics. We develop tailor-made solutions for our customers which guarantee the reliable handling of all Europe-wide transportation from a single source. 

Our company was founded in 1981 and has been owner-managed ever since. It now employs over 200 people at a total of 12 locations in Germany, Spain and Great Britain. With a well-trained network of experienced cooperation partners we guarantee speedy and reliable transportation and storage all over Europe – especially in food logistics, transportation of expensive electronic goods and in the handling of sensitive pharmaceuticals or hazardous materials. Of course, this also applies to all of the services pre and post-transport, like for example, customs clearance, processing, preparation and display construction for the supplied goods. Ongoing quality controls ensure smooth operation in all areas.


Our services at a glance

Frigosped provides you with the entire range of services expected of a full-service logistics provider, from transportation via warehousing, all the way to contract logistics. We have geared our activities in all areas towards the requirements of temperature-controlled and sensitive goods in particular. We have compiled further information on our services into the following categories:

Transportation with and without temperature control

Our core business is the national and international transportation in the food and non-food sector in all temperature ranges. Due to our well-developed logistics network, we are also in a position to provide highly specific and less frequently used means of transport at short notice. Furthermore, we have specialised over the last three decades in the transport of temperature-controlled and sensitive goods, from pharmaceuticals via expensive electronic goods, all the way to valuable documents. All safety standards of the vehicles and warehouses in use have been adapted to cope with the respectively high requirements necessary.

• Transportation with and without temperature control

• Promotional goods logistics

• Construction site transports

• Works logistics

• Bulk cargo transports

• Hazardous materials transportation

• Secure transportation

• Heavy load transports

• Despatch via parcel service


Warehousing with and without temperature control

Whether with or without temperature control, warehousing is one of our main core skills. We have a total of more than 42,000 m² storage area, the temperature of most of which can be set in the above-zero range. The constant cooling is monitored by computers should the set temperature deviate from the norm, in which case the responsible specialists are automatically informed straight away and defined emergency measures can be taken. Of course, our specialists will be happy to connect up your inventory management system with our IT processes. This way you can work fully IT-driven and benefit from all the advantages this offers.

• Commissioning

• Preparation

• Display construction

• Packing

• Labelling

• Provision of empty containers/pallets

• Storage (electronic)


Contract Logistics

In the framework of contract logistics, we take care of the entire transport process for customers from the food and non-food industry, from goods collection at the production site to delivery to the end customer. Here, we have geared our activities towards the requirements of temperature-controlled goods.
Important aspects for reliable and on-time processing are the planning, compilation and execution of a logistics concept which is finely-tuned to meet your needs. In order for the information flow to run smoothly across the entire supply chain, we set up an information system for each individual contract logistics customer and specify defined information standards. This means that nothing stands in the way of close and successful cooperation. Furthermore, we constantly monitor that values set together with the customer are adhered to so that the desired level of service can be guaranteed at all times.

• Promotional goods logistics

• Distribution

• Procurement logistics


Services & IT

Frigosped has a team of ten IT experts consisting of programmers, software developers, technicians and system administrators. This high degree of specialisation makes it possible to individually satisfy every IT-related requirement of customers and sub-contractors. The integration of the most varying of inventory management or ERP systems to our IT infrastructure or the connection of specific hardware, like scanners, etc., into the data flow are just two examples of this. The seamless integration of customer data can be implemented in several different programming languages (incl. Delphi, C#, Perl and PHP).

Another core skill of our IT specialists is in guaranteeing data security and server monitoring. The data security concept also contains a five-level data security mechanism, among other things. All servers, routers, secure connections and important peripheral devices are monitored continuously and in real-time with the help of the Navigos Live Monitor.

• Our high-availability cluster guarantees a continuous work flow and minimises system failures.

• We have a backup system which is geographically separated from the operative system.

• We have over 70 Linux and Windows servers throughout Europe.

• In order to guarantee maximum data security, the data flow between locations and with field staff only occurs over encrypted connections.

• To work in as cost-effective a way as possible, we use open source software as much as possible and support them as well.

• To remain sustainable, our servers are so-called zero-watt devices, which don't use any power in standby mode. Furthermore, we work with the idea of virtualisation, i.e. that our servers are not designed for peak power and thus overdimensioned, but use the available resources dynamically.

• To continue to be able to provide our extensive service in the area of IT support in the future as well, we train our own junior staff as system integration IT specialists.


Some of the Services we Offer Include:

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