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Samco Silicone Products
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Samco Silicone Products
Secton Court, Veasey Close
Nuneaton, Warwickshire
CV11 6RT
United Kingdom
Tel: 02476641270
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Tel: 02476641270

About Samco Silicone Products

Samco Silicone Products, UK

The company was originally founded in 1990 to fulfil the requirements of the food, pharmaceutical and scientific sectors; at that time there were few manufacturers of silicone rubber goods. The company has grown into one of the most well known in the U.K., creating the famous Samco Sport brand of silicone hose products, which are now built and marketed by our sister company.

Through precise silicone engineering, we are able to manufacture and supply a vast range of products such as silicone solid and sponge sheeting, sponge section, reinforced hose, gaskets, mouldings and tubing. We are proud to announce our new range of Extraflex platinum cured silicone hose which offers high levels of flexibility and greater operating pressures.

Through offering quality products at competitive prices, SAMCO has been able to broaden its marketplace, now exporting into Europe, U.S.A., the Middle East, China and many more destinations.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you.



Silicone offers many advantages over other forms of elastomers. It is well known for its use in food, pharmaceutical and other clean industry applications. It is a resilient material capable of maintaining many of its properties at extremely low and high temperatures. Some grades of silicone rubber can remain flexible, and show low levels of compression set, down to temperatures as low as -100 °C and as high as 315 °C. It is naturally electrically insulating but can be compounded to offer high resistance for the bleeding of static charges or to offer a low resistance to conduct signal voltages. High tear resistance, good elongation at break and tensile strength are some of the other characteristics of silicone. Fluorosilicones provide resistance to many solvents, including petrol.



SILICONE TUBING: With a huge range of sizes available, SAMCO can manufacture to your required specification and offer advice on suitable material grades. All of our silicone tube meets FDA 177.2600 Certification. Please see our comprehensive list of sizes and grades that are available below. We also offer a cut to length option on all sizes. The merkle machine can meet tight tolerances and produces a very clean cut.

FDA TRANSLUCENT REINFORCED TUBING: SAMCO offer a quality silicone reinforced hose that enables use to high temperatures and pressure. Fibreglass is embedded in between the layers of silicone to create an extremely flexible and strong tube. Glass has an advantage over polyester in that it can achieve continuous temperatures of +200˚C

EXTRAFEX SUCTION & DELIVERY HOSE: SAMCO has developed the new Extraflex suction and delivery hose. This hose is rated to 10 Bar minimum working pressure with the following features.

SUCTION & DELIVERY HOSE: SAMCO mandrel built Hygienic suction and delivery hoses designed for 10 bar working operation specifically built for ‘clean’ industry product transfer beyond the capability of our extruded reinforced tubing range.

SILICONE EXTRUSIONS: Silicone extrusions are becoming the popular choice where temperature or weather conditions dictate the use of silicone.

SILICONE SPONGE: SAMCO is renowned for its quality silicone sponge product that has a temperature range of -60˚C to 200˚C

SILICONE SOLID SHEETING: Samco supply FDA approved Silicone sheeting to customers all over the world. Silicone sheet has a growing popularity within the market place, especially in the field of gaskets and seals.

SILICONE GASKETS: SAMCO offer an in-house punched gasket service. Material is typically silicone sponge or solid sheet that may be adhesive backed on one or both sides offering flexibility to seal in extreme environmental conditions. Forme tools, either single or multiple impression, can be made to your specification, or drawing, at low cost and short lead-times.


Some of the Services we Offer Include:

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