George Emmott (Pawsons) Ltd

George Emmott (Pawsons) Ltd
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George Emmott (Pawsons) Ltd
Wadsworth Mill
Keighley, West Yorkshire
BD22 9NE
United Kingdom
Tel: 01535643733
Fax: 01535642108

Tel: 01535643733

About George Emmott (Pawsons) Ltd

George Emmott (Pawsons) Ltd, Yorkshire

GEORGE EMMOTT (PAWSONS) LTD, was established in 1840 to supply springs and pressings to the textile industry. Over the years it has built an enviable reputation for diversity and innovative solutions to solve its customers springs and pressings needs.

The company designs and manufactures a wide range of spring clips, waved washers, clock type and constant force springs, pressings and wire compression, tension and torsion springs. George Emmotts works in close partnership with its customers in developing bespoke solutions to meet their individual needs.

In order to offer complete versatility of service it has always continued investment in its production techniques, whilst at the same time maintaining the hand skills required to service those with smaller demands. The company can therefore handle contracts which run from just a few parts to those needed in much larger quantities.

Quality is of the utmost importance and George Emmotts are certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 with a big emphasis on its workforce. Its ethos is that quality is not just about machine and measurement but that it is also about people, continually training its employees to ensure it strives for excellence.


• Clock Type Springs

A coiled length of spring strip which can be used to provide a tensional rotational moment, as in motive power for traditional manually wound clocks and watches.

• Constant Force Springs

The spring derives its name from its ability to extend through its working range whilst being maintained in any position by the same force. These are essentially a tightly wound coil of spring steel or stainless steel with the inner end being fitted over a shaft whilst the outer end is extended.

• Flat Pressings & Clips

Flat springs are so called since they are made from flat strip steel. Emmotts produce a wide variety of this type of product for all manner of applications throughout industry. Most applications involve gripping or flexing.

• Compression, Tension & Torsion Springs

Emmotts supply and manufacture a large range of the more traditional springs such as compression , tension and torsion springs. Modern plant and equipment ensure product quality and competitiveness

Waved Washer Springs

Emmotts have over the years gained an enviable reputation for their manufacturing capabilities for waved washers and are a world leader in the supply to the electric motor industry.

Specialist Springs

Over the years we have long been involved in the manufacture of products that do not readily fall into a defined category. We produce a wide variety of specialist items, such as Disc Springs, Shim Washers, Telescopic Volute Springs, Volute and Secateur Springs, and many other besides.


Some of the Services we Offer Include:

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