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Wessex Test Equipment Ltd
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Wessex Test Equipment Ltd
Unit 11, Knightcott Industrial Estate
Bristol, County of Bristol
BS29 6JN
United Kingdom
Tel: 01934824000
Fax: 01934820532

Tel: 01934824000

About Wessex Test Equipment Ltd

Wessex Test Equipment Ltd, Bristol

If you provide flooring in a public area, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is resistant to slips.  
Many STF accidents are preventable. Even if you think that your floors are not slippery, how would you prove this in a court of law? 
Wessex has over 50 years experience in the specialist field of slip resistance
• The British Pendulum and the Tortus Floor Friction tester are internationally recognised and certified slip resistance tools in the market place 
• Wessex are safety professionals, with many years experience in the Slip Resistance field 

• The combined manufacture of both the Pendulum and the Tortus, and now the Ramp Test, enables Wessex to offer the most comprehensive, all encompassing slip resistance programme 

• Wessex can offer measurement of both the dynamic and static coefficient of friction 

• The British Pendulum is endorsed by the UK Health & Safety Executive

• The Tortus Floor Friction Tester is endorsed by the American Ceramic Tile Association

• The Ramp Test for testing floor tiling 

• All instruments are portable supplied complete with a carrying case 

• All instruments are simple to use, with full training available 

• Wessex has a network of global agents available to offer total support

Wessex Products:

For over 50 years, Wessex has amanufactured a variety of laboratory testing equipment for pedestrian and highway surface materials.  

This specialized range of robust, well engineered, and user friendly machines and instruments are supplied to companies around the world, thereby providing a valuable contribution to those involved in design and development of safer floors, highways, pedestrian areas, and sports surfaces. 



Some of the Services we Offer Include:

Testing Equipment Bristol • Flooring Services Bristol • Laboratory Test Equipment Bristol • Accelerated Polishing Machines Bristol • Aggregate Abrasion Machines Bristol • Calibration Services Bristol

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